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maatGroup is a Corporate Finance Professional Services Company providing Project and Trading Finance facilities and supporting the creation, acceleration and growing of HyperGROWTH Business Models and “Data- enabled Infrastructure Services” aligning Finance, Strategy and "state of the art" Cloud Computing Services for different Sectors, Industries and Territories (Europe, Africa, Middle East and LATAM).

What We Do

maatGroup is a multidisciplinary professional practice with a global networked presence in more than 30 Countries focused onto the understanding how the world works and how to design, develop and manage ambiguity and uncertainty in the new international business landscape through sustainable Cloud Computing based Services and Circular Economy Strategies and the implementation of "Value Networks Organizations".

maatGroup has a deep knowledge and skills into technology, business strategy and financial markets and translating into strategic partnerships with corporate and institutional clients.

We are doing this for more than 20 years in a culture of great success but also sometimes –like in real life- with misunderstandings, failures and wars…but based always on principles of truth and radical transparency.

Today, maatGroup manages and operates a multidisplinar and cross-sectoral projects portfolio for some of the most sophisticated global initiatives including financial institutions, corporations, foundations, governments, and central banks.


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Framework | MultiPlatform

The development will be undertaken from a single location (Framework) that will meet the needs of the different Mobile Platforms to which it is directed

The objective in this case will be to optimize development efficiency from the maximum possible reuse. This concept, applied to the development of NATIVE APPs, results in the structuring of the same code with reflection in different Platforms


In this option, the Corporate Website will be the Provider System, that is, from where all the elements (APIs) capable of supplying data to the Mobile Layer will be articulated

With the information available at the time of developing this Proposal, we are interpreting that all APIs are developed and published in order to design and integrate the interfaces corresponding to the Mobile Layer.


The scope of the Project will be limited to the Modules / Components that it is decided to develop. Unlike the WEB APP Option, the aforementioned modules will be integrated into the Corporate and Information Systems Strategy through the development of the Interface layer (APIs)




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