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maatGroup is a Corporate Finance Professional Services Company providing Project and Trading Finance facilities and supporting the creation, acceleration and growing of HyperGROWTH Business Models and “Data- enabled Infrastructure Services” aligning Finance, Strategy and "state of the art" Cloud Computing Services for different Sectors, Industries and Territories (Europe, Africa, Middle East and LATAM).

What We Do

maatGroup is a multidisciplinary professional practice with a global networked presence in more than 30 Countries focused onto the understanding how the world works and how to design, develop and manage ambiguity and uncertainty in the new international business landscape through sustainable Cloud Computing based Services and Circular Economy Strategies and the implementation of "Value Networks Organizations".

maatGroup has a deep knowledge and skills into technology, business strategy and financial markets and translating into strategic partnerships with corporate and institutional clients.

We are doing this for more than 20 years in a culture of great success but also sometimes –like in real life- with misunderstandings, failures and wars…but based always on principles of truth and radical transparency.

Today, maatGroup manages and operates a multidisplinar and cross-sectoral projects portfolio for some of the most sophisticated global initiatives including financial institutions, corporations, foundations, governments, and central banks.


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Founder and Executive Chairman
Origin and TimeLine
Committed to the precepts of the Circular Economy
Mr Santiago Jiménez Barrull is the Chairman of maatGroup, the holding company of one of the most innovative and fast growing independent privately owned Structured Corporate Finance Services Group (est. 1999) established around maatGroup with corporate presence in Europe, UAE, Africa and Asia

Mr Santiago Jiménez Barrull is the Chairman of maatGroup, the holding company of one of the most innovative and fast growing independent privately owned Structured Corporate Finance Services Group (est. 1999) established around maatGroup with corporate presence in Europe, UAE, Africa and Asia.


Mr Jiménez´s leadership and business experience accumulated both in Public and Private Sector marked a change in the pioneering the development of Internet in Europe; Corporate Strategy of Professional Services offering into the Structured Corporate Services (Multilateral Agencies, Investment Funds, Private Equities, Development Funds,...); Real Estate, Property Development, Housing, Energy, Transport Infrastructures, Agriculture and Trading industry in Africa and LATAM and Research & Development into the Circular Economy; ICT industry and Finance.


Mr. Jiménez has also developed strategic relationships within the field of mineral resource exploration and commercial trading platforms on global basis.


Mr. Jiménez is a venture capitalist in various companies and he is a founding member of key Corporate Social Responsibility Programs and Institutions (www.fundacionkaf.org) on a global basis related to Health, Education, Social Development, and especially Children Empowerment in unfavorable living conditions – orphans, poor, unstructured families,...-


One of Mr. Jiménez’s greatest challenges was his support in the development of a new business model of Investment Banking based onto his strong relationship with a worldwide network of key prominent entrepreneurs and professionals and high net worth individuals at international level.


maatGroup has promoted Enterprise Value Networks around Information and Communication Technologies as infrastructure for the development of new business organizations.

Also, has established, financed and promoted the development of other companies and initiatives, having fostered alliances with prestigious partnerships Research Centers, Universities and Companies in the areas of infrastructures, consulting and technology

Origins of maatGroup have been of strong technological origin and have evolved over time to become a business group whose value proposition has focused on the deployment of infrastructure for the development of the territory and organizations, basing its value proposition in the application of latest generation technologies, aligned with the business strategy


maatGroup started its first steps in the scientific world, at the end of the '90s. Then the first concepts of "sharing of heterogeneous sources of information" began to appear, so that the first technological development was based on the GRID Model, -resut of working in close collaboration with CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research)- having been the Company that leaded the development of this technology in Europe and achieving posi-tioning as one of the main GRID infrastructure services, middleware and applications pro-viders for numerous projects and infrastructures at European level.

Fostering Circular Economy. maatGroup is firmly involved in developing, mobilizing and disseminating its concepts in order to raise awareness of the importance of the mass adoption of a "circular mentality"

maatGroup develops its strategy framed in the seven keys of the Circular Economy:  


Key # 1 - Prioritize regenerative resources: Ensure that renewable, reusable and non-toxic resources are used as materials and energy efficiently. 


Key # 2 - Preserve and evolve what is already done: While the resources are in use, maintain them, repair them and update them to maximize their useful life and grant them a second life through return strategies when appropriate. 


Key # 3 - Use waste as a resource: Use waste streams as a source of secondary resources and recover them for recycling and reuse. 


Key # 4 - Rethinking business models: Consider opportunities to create greater value and align incentives through business models that are based on the interaction between products and services towards a circular economy. Rethinking value chains to boost the productivity of resources.


Key # 5 - Incorporate digital technology: Identify and optimize the use of resources and strengthen connections between actors in the supply chain through digital platforms and technologies capable of interoperating, providing reliable and timely information. 


Key # 6 - Design for the future: Consider the perspective of the systems during the design process, use the appropriate materials, design for an adequate useful life and design for a prolonged future use. 


Key # 7 - Collaborate to create joint value: Work together throughout the supply chain, internally, with our interlocutors -clients and suppliers- and with the public sector to increase transparency and create joint value. 



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